Monday, July 20, 2009


My Points rewards members for reading emails, taking surveys, shopping, and playing games, things you are likely already doing. Unlike some programs, My Points makes earning rewards easy. You can even use the rewards to donate to charity or give as gifts. Membership is FREE!!!

Reading Email Get a membership to My Points. Complete the application information and answer the confirmation email.

Read each email sent to you by My Points. Each one gives you between 5 and 50 points, 5 for reading the email, 10 for a short survey response, and up to 50 for longer surveys.

Complete offers if it is for something you need or would have purchased anyway. Do not complete offers for things you do not need. That defeats the purpose of your membership, which is to pile up points so that you can use them for rewards.

Download the My Points search bar, which will help you earn points faster, and help you keep track of your available points.
Surveys, Games and Shopping

Complete all of the profile surveys. These get you 60 points. Complete additional surveys as they are offered in the My Points emails you receive.

Go to My Points and log into your account before buying anything. Check to see if the item you intend to buy is sold by a sponsor of My Points. If so, buy it through the My Points web page. If you make sure to find the item at the lowest available price, you will save money, gasoline and earn points from your purchase.

If you are going to play online games anyway, and already pay to do so, use the money you would have spent on other games to play the ones My Points has available. Do not spend additional money, as that will, once again, defeat the purpose of your My Points membership.
Sweet Rewards!

Keep track of your points. Check the rewards page and decide what reward appeals to you. There are gas cards, restaurant cards, bookstore cards, and even the ability to donate to charity.

Once you have decided what reward to work toward, complete surveys, read emails, do searches, and buy items through your My Points account until you have the correct number of points.

Make the request for your reward. Be sure to have it sent to the correct address.

Use your rewards as gifts or use them to get additional savings when making purchases online through your My Points account. You can also use your rewards for employee appreciation, classroom supplies, achievement awards for students, or as door prizes at a baby shower or engagement party.