Friday, May 1, 2009


They are offering 20 Free reumes and 40 Business Cards for FREE. This runs from 4/26/2009 - 06/13/2009. They also have some helpful tips with your job search. This is Staples Career Stimulus. Office Max had a similar offer in April. This is wonderful due to the economic times and can be useful to so many!!!!

Free reusable bag from Mantra

Download FREE games

Wheel Of Fortune

Diner Dash

Wordsmart Challenge CD

Register and receive a free WordSmart Challenge CD

Free dinner at Benihana's for your birthday $30.00 Value

A complimentary Benihana Birthday Dinner certificate, maximum value of $30 (excludes alcoholic beverages, gratuity and tax) will be emailed to you for use during the month of your birthday• Monthly e-mail newsletter
*If you are registering during the month of your birthday, please allow five business days to receive your Benihana Birthday dinner certificate. All Benihana Birthday dinner certificates are emailed at the beginning of the month of your birthday.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Do you like to do surveys?

If you are like me you like to do surveys that pay but not have to go through 40 minutes of a survey that makes no sense and then you either make pennies or told you don't qualify. Humm.. Well I came across A$W Surveys. I made 6.00 for tkaing the welcmoe survey and then the surveys I took were all of maybe 5 min. long depends on how much time you spend I guess, and it was 4.00 per survey and a 1.00 bonus for April. In les then 30 min. I had already made 27.00. I couldn't believe it. The only issue I had at first was the fact that you have to hit 75.00 before payout. They are paying the way they are you would be able to get to that in no time.

Well if this sounds good to you click on the link below or on the GREEN box on the right hand side of this blog.

Ok, This is awesome site

"Buy One Get One Free Coupons"

I got info on this site and thought I had better check this site out since I really like deal. This site is great. Please take a moment and check it out. I really like how the breakdown of stores showing the BOGO and check out the Free Grocery Saving Tips! Some real good info there. I am so glad I was told about this site and will be going to BOGOfetcher several times a week to find the best savings.

Free Ice Cream: Printable Coupon For BOGO Blizzards

You're going to have to make a very important decision: who is going to be your plus-one for BOGO Blizzards at Dairy Queen? Signing up for DQ's e-mail club today will have a delicious printable coupon burning a hole in your purse. It will entitle you to buy one Dairy Queen 16 oz. Blizzard, and get one free. The coupon will arrive in your inbox in a few hours.

365 Free Songs: Free MP3 Per Day From Rhapsody's MP3 service has been getting some press lately, mostly because folks are in love with the fact that you can listen online to any song they've got for free. So when you finally realize what song it is whose one lyric is stuck in your head, you can have a listen without having to buy the thing. But Rhapsody's doing one better. Now they're giving away an MP3 a day - not just for a listen, but for a download. The catch is it's their pick (obv. we would love it more if it was any song we wanted) but in the spirit of Starbucks' free MP3 cards it may actually help you discover some brilliant music. But Rhapsody's picks are also less obscure.


OK, check out the forum and see the Mothers Day Freebies that will be offered on Mothers Day!!!

Free Ice Cream, Free Card, Free dessert

Several Free Samples Available at

Right now there are several samples you can get from this site.

Click on Offers for you and you will see samples for

Caress® Skinwear Collection
New Degree® Women Fine Fragrance Collection
Pond’s® rejuveness

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Free Mother's Day Hallmark Card

Hallmark offers a Free Customized 5x7 Mother's Day Card . 1. Create an account, if you don't already have one (you NEED an account to get the free card).
2. Choose and customize a card - they have a ton of Mother's/Grandmother's Day cards4.
3. Proceed to checkout, enter promo code CARD4MOM

FREE "Tom's Friend" 11 oz. coffee mug

free "Tom's Friend" 11 oz. coffee mug. Promotional Giveaway Starting: April 28th, 2009 In anticipation of the upcoming film, Tom's Friend, we are pleased to offer to the public a free "Tom's Friend" 11 oz. coffee mug.

free sample of Clairol Beautiful Collection's New Advanced Gray Solution.

free sample of Clairol Beautiful Collection's New Advanced Gray Solution.Introducing beautiful Collection ..Advanced Gray Collection

Monday, April 27, 2009

Check out the forum for some more awesome FREEBIES!!!!

How about a Free movie rental from Blockbuster, a FREE comic book? Like to play golf, how about FREE terra golf tees. Tired of your ringtone, well you can get a free ringtone if you are an AT&T subscriber(just remember int charges will apply) so download from your computer to your phone, will cut the cost down. Feel like playing a game? How about trying a FREE downlaod of AZADA from Big Fish Games.

Free music CD from Leap Frog for your baby for linking up your Leap Frog to the online

The Learning Rhythms CDfeatures 15 songs to get children ages 0 to 3 learning, moving and growing. Receive a free copy via download or mail when you link your baby's LeapFrog toy to the Learning Path.*

KFC 04/27/2009

Don't forget today KFC is giving away a FREE piece of chicken. Ok, so it will fill you up but it's free and something new.

KFC Declares Monday, April 27 “UNFry Day” and Offers America Free Taste of Kentucky Grilled Chicken Nationwide