Monday, April 20, 2009

Wegmans tote 4/25 for recycled plastic bags

Earth Day Event
Event Information
You’ll find exciting stations offering samples and info about our efforts towards greater sustainability and how we’re helping to reduce, reuse, and recycle resources.

Recycle Bags & Get a Gift
Bring a tightly packed bag of plastic bags to the event and receive a Wegmans Reusable Shopping Bag. Limit one bag per household.

• Try some Organic Baby Cut Carrots, Dips, and Bananas—all free of synthetic pesticides and chemicals.
• Learn how Bolthouse (our carrot supplier) reduces and reuses on their farm.

Deli/ Bakery
• Get a taste of our “better” turkey sandwich! We team our organic 100% whole wheat bread with organic honey-roasted turkey for an incredible flavor sensation.
• Organic flour is made from grains grown without synthetic pesticides and chemicals.
• Our organic deli meats come from animals never given antibiotics and hormones or feed that was genetically engineered or raised with synthetic pesticides and chemicals.

• Our Food You Feel Good About Organic Grass Fed Beef is leaner and raised with farming practices kinder to the environment.
• Cattle roam free on open ranges and enjoy clean air, fresh water and lush native grasses free from synthetic pesticides or chemicals.
• Never given antibiotics or hormones; never fed animal by-products or feed from genetically engineered crops.

Learn about our all-natural, no-preservatives-added, farm-raised shrimp from Belize.
• Clean, rich, lobster-like taste.
• The supplier meets the shrimp industry's highest environmental and health standards to raise sustainable shrimp with less negative impact on coastal waters and wildlife.

Natural, powerful Green Works cleaners cut grime and grease on multiple surfaces without harsh chemical fumes.
• Both plant and mineral-based ingredients come from renewable sources.

Stonyfield Organic Yogurt is good for you and the planet.
• No synthetic pesticides and chemicals used.
• Stonyfield donates 10% of its profits to help protect and restore the earth.
• Partners with firm that makes toothbrushes and razors from recycled yogurt cups.

Nature’s Marketplace
• Switching to Sigg reusable water bottles helps reduce the number of plastic bottles in landfills
• Enjoy great-tasting high quality water from Brita Water filtration system—certified to reduce chlorine, mercury, benzene, lead, and more.
• Add interest, energy, Vitamin B and antioxidants with Zenergize Energy + Healthy Energy Formula.

Frozen Foods
Contessa’s Green Cuisine line of frozen meals is produced in the first-ever, Gold LEED certified frozen food manufacturing plant.
• Contessa’s plant reduces its energy use and CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions by more than 65% daily using solar power and other energy-saving practices.
• Sample their Jambalaya; restaurant quality that’s ready in 10 minutes!

General Merchandise
• Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs use about 75% less energy than standard light bulbs. The quality of light is similar and they can last up to 9 years.
• Stop by and compare the quality of light and energy used.

• Experience EcoTool personal care items to feel how soft renewable resources (like bamboo and loofah) can be.
• Physician Formula Organic Wear pressed powders; first US certified organic line of make-up.
• Tom’s of Maine uses no artificial fragrances, colors or preservatives, and no synthetic detergents

At the Check-Out
Using reusable bags helps reduce the number of plastic shopping bags in landfills.
• Since their introduction in 2007, we have sold over 2 million reusable bags and now have 3 beautiful new designs.
• Together with our larger stronger plastic bags, we have reduced our plastic use by 30%.
• In 2008, we recycled 2.75 million lbs. of plastic bags and shrink wrap.

Sustainability at Wegmans — Today, Tomorrow, Together

Saturday, April 25
11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
All Wegmans stores